WhatsApp tips and tricks

1. Hiding Last Seen, Profile Picture and Status

The “last seen” feature can be the root to some problems in life and keeping that in mind, WhatsApp has included the ability to hide it altogether. You can hide your last seen, profile picture and status from people.

To do that, you just need to go to WhatsApp’s Settings->Account->Privacy. There you will have the options to choose whether you want your last seen, profile picture and status to be seen by “Everyone”, “Contacts” or “Nobody”.


2. Manage Auto Downloading of Media

While auto-download on WhatsApp is a convenient feature rather than manually tapping download every time a picture or video arrives but it can suck up your limited mobile data bandwidth. Thus, there are options to set that accordingly.

On Android, you will find the options in Settings->Chats and calls->Media auto-download. You can then set whether you want to auto download images, audio and videos on mobile data, WiFi and roaming.

3. Turn Off Read Receipts aka Blue Ticks

Read receipts aka blue ticks, like last seen, can create some relationship issues, so you might have contemplated on turning it OFF entirely. Well, WhatsApp understands that and there’s an option to turn it off.

WhatsApp features the option in Settings->Account->Privacy. In the Privacy page, you will find a toggle to turn off “Read Receipts“.


4. Check When a Message was Read

WhatsApp lets you check when a message sent by you was read first. It’s simple, as all you need to do is press hold on a message and tap “Info“. Once you do that, you will be able to see the time when your message was delivered and read.


5. Change your Number

There are times when we move to a new place and we have to take a new number. In that case, you can simply change your phone number on WhatsApp without losing any of your chats or data.

Head over to Settings->Account->Change number, then enter your old and new number. Once WhatsApp is done verifying through SMS or call, your number will be changed.


6. Delete your WhatsApp Account

With all the hoopla internet brings to our lives, we sometimes consider taking a break from it and that’s when you would want to delete your WhatsApp account.

To delete your WhatsApp account, go to Settings->Account->Delete my account. Enter your country code & mobile number to verify and your account will be deleted. Keep in mind though that deleting your WhatsApp account will remove you from all groups and erase your message history and backups.


7. Set up Popup Notifications and Reply Directly (Android only)

WhatsApp includes the ability to get popup notifications on Android. You can turn it on by going to Settings->Notifications->Popup notification. You can set it to show popup when screen is off or on, or you can set it to “always show popup”. The popup notification also lets you reply directly from the popup, which makes chatting with more people simultaneously easier.


8. Change WhatsApp Wallpaper

The same old wallpaper in WhatsApp’s chats can get a little monotonous after some time and that’s why WhatsApp lets you set custom wallpaper to spice things up a bit. The option to choose a wallpaper resides in Settings->Chats and calls->Wallpaper. You can choose to have a custom wallpaper from your Gallery or choose one from WhatsApp’s library.

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