How to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation In 1 Minute

Tired of watching the same animation again and again every time you boot Windows 7?. There is a very easy way to change Windows 7 boot screen. Windows 7 Boot Updater makes it possible to change boot animation, text as well as background. This application works for all versions of Windows 7:

The following steps cover how to change Windows 7 boot screen:

Step 1:

Download Windows 7 Boot Updater and unzip it.

Step 2:

Run the application and load boot screen file (.bs7). Some boot screens are given below in the article.

Step 3:

Check that you have loaded correcty boot screen by using play button. Click on ‘Apply’ to to change the boot screen.

Selected boot screens for Windows 7:

While there are many boot screens out there we have handpicked a few best ones for our readers. The download link is given beside each image. There is also a source link for the author of the respective boot screen.

Update -Links in the below table are updated and working.

No. Name Preview Download Source
1. Android Particle boot screen android-particle-boot-screen Download
2. Trolling Windows 7 boot screen 10-trolling-Windows-boot-Screen Download
3. Need for Speed Run animation(Sonu sahu fav.) nfs-run-boot-screen Download1
4. Windows 7 dial boot screen 4-windows-7-dial Download
5. Aperture Science blue logo 5-aperture-science-blue Download
6. Stargate boot screen 6-stargate-boot-screen Download
7. Windows 7 progress counter 7-progress-counter Download
8. Windows 8 boot screen 8-windows-8 boot screen Download
9. Digital Distribution boot screen digital-distribution Download
10. Windows 7 spiral boot screen 2-Windows-7-spiral Download

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